The company J. Meireles Mobiliário, presents itself today, as the fruit of a legacy of three generations.

Since its creation by the hand of Manuel Ribeiro de Meireles, it has focused on the manufacture of classic furniture and restoration of carpentry and furniture, with work recognised in the great manor houses of the region. These works were accompanied and developed, since a very young age, by his son, José Meireles, who over the years has deepened and transmitted his knowledge and values to the current generation.

Our proud heritage of excellence and respect for craftsmanship, allows us to provide excellent products to our clients – and to continue to innovate and streamline.

Nowadays, the company has added to its portfolio, in addition to its classic collection and furniture restoration area, the area of design projects, bespoke /customised furniture and renovation of spaces.

The knowledge of skilled of our craftsmen and the creativity of experienced designers allows us to create timeless, unique furniture, that can be found in spaces with different styles and decorations.

We remain faithful to the values acquired in the past, which allow us to innovate and move forward in the present, with a vision of the future.



We have available, precious woods as lignum vitae, Madeira mahogany and Rosewood satin. We also have Woods of chestnut, oak, mahogany, cherry, as well as, other materials. We recommend the appropriate wood to the style of each piece of furniture.


Furniture renovation and restoration

We are renowned in the field of furniture renovation and restoration, for the quality and commitment we devote to each piece of furniture, each door or ceiling.

Stripping, sanding, touching up, varnishing… Antique furniture deserves to be put back in the spotlight, in its original style or transformed with contemporary touches. Damaged by the years, the sun or humidity, furniture needs to be restored to endure in time.

We respect original techniques and materials. Giving new life to joinery and antique furniture is our determination.


We were situated in Paços de Ferreira “Furniture capital”, near from Oporto. Our company reveals itself, as one of the bastions in the art of woodworking.