Bespoke furniture

At J. Meireles Mobiliário, we manufacture and develop bespoke furniture.

J. Meireles Mobiliário is a full-service, custom furniture manufacturer that creates and builds premium custom pieces for individual clients, interior designers, architectural offices, commercial or private spaces, which we seek to satisfy with distinction.

Our work is found in private residences, businesses, restaurants, and luxury hotels around the world. We’re known for our unparalleled skill at handling simple and complex designs.

We give form, durability and functionality to the projects proposed to us, with the rigour and attention that every detail requires.

We take pride in executing your ideas—exactly how you envision them.


Over the last decade and under the J. Meireles Mobiliário brand, the company has expanded beyond its classic collection and restoration area. We have added design projects, customized furniture and space renovation to our portfolio.


Furniture renovation and restoration

We are renowned in the field of furniture renovation and restoration, for the quality and commitment we devote to each piece of furniture, each door or ceiling.

Stripping, sanding, touching up, varnishing… Antique furniture deserves to be put back in the spotlight, in its original style or transformed with contemporary touches. Damaged by the years, the sun or humidity, furniture needs to be restored to endure in time.

We respect original techniques and materials. Giving new life to joinery and antique furniture is our determination


You can buy authentic relics of our history and culture. Visit us and discover furniture from other eras.